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Organized. Prioritized. Privileged.

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Easier for internal clients.
More effective for the legal team.

Any member of a company can request legal assistance directly from their workspace, beginning with Slack. Requests are collected in a secure Joinder workroom where they can be assigned, tracked, and completed by the legal team.

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Better project execution, start to finish.


Any member of your workspace can find and submit the intake form with details about their request; they can upload documents, like contracts to review.


Each request goes into a dedicated intake and triage workroom on Joinder, which is shared by the legal team. In that workroom requests are assigned and prioritized.


From the Intake workroom, the assigned owner can immediately create a new project workroom from one of the many customizable Joinder playbooks.

Nothing gets dropped

  • Replaces scattered messages and emails
  • Tracks deadlines on a unified calendar
  • Makes reporting status to the business a cinch

Easy to start, simple to use

  • Meet your clients where they already work
  • No coding or training required 
  • Pre-loaded with playbooks across practice areas

Privileged and secure

  • Airtight SOC-2 level security 
  • Legal-grade permissions
  • Unambiguously privileged workflow
Joinder Intake Security

Our company uses Slack as our core communication platform, but it's not well suited for receiving and managing legal requests. That's why I'm excited about Joinder Intake. It will enable our legal team to maintain the ease and simplicity of Slack communications while adding much needed organization, discipline and efficiency to the legal request process.

Mark Janoff
Chief Business Officer | Brava

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